Ari Tampubolon

March 23 - 8.13pm

For millennia, man has sought to justify his power in neatly quantifiable terms. Tens, tens, tens across the board. He collects, he accumulates, he will never disperse; harnessing all his power in a pea-sized lump of hyaluronic acid cream. Pat, do not rub, gently into skin. Perfect, ethereal: maximum. It’s Sunday, Riley—oh my dearest Riley—and in the morrow you must collect your tens again. / TENS is a new performance work by Ari Tampubolon. One night only, from 08.13PM SHARP—onwards. Thursday, 23.3.23. [Key words: queer ecology, hot t girl striptease, raising political awareness, skin care tutorial, MFM, intellectual]

Ari Tampubolon is a peculiar existence.