Manisha Anjali

Hidden Beings: a poetry workshop

Wormwood, green anise and fennel form the spirit absinthe, which gives life to The Green Fairy, who lured many poets and artists towards freedom, inspiration and innovation.

As contemporary poets, we ask ourselves, where have the hidden beings gone? As conduits for inspiration, icons for queerness, rebellion, transformation and the spirit of the earth, hidden beings carry the sentiment of our wild, hidden nature. When hidden beings are brought to light, they can be potent social changemakers. In our times of crisis, poets and hidden beings need to unite again.

In this workshop, we search through the archive of our memories to unearth hidden beings that may have been forgotten. Through processes of daydream, dérive and emotional cartography, we commune with and observe our inner worlds and our environments, as basis for writing poetry. 

To bring: pen and paper

Date: 1 April

Time: 1.30-3.30

places limited - book here

Manisha Anjali is a writer and artist. She is the founder of Neptune, a research and documentation platform for dreams, visions and hallucinations. She is the author of Naag Mountain, forthcoming with Giramondo.