Mel Deerson and Briony Galligan

Angel are you there? Angel are you everywhere?

A screen shaped like a human scaled cathedral is adorned with drawings. Coloured felt soaks up their sound. The drawings are copies … or we like to think of them as transmissions or channels … of drawings by Greek Artist Yannis Tsarouchis, William Blake and Paul Klee. We make these drawings together, with both and neither of our bodies, and talk. Do angels have bodies? Are angels’ bodies mirrors? Are angels invisible? What does an invisible body feel like? Is it like being queer? In the drawings the atmosphere seems rendered almost in the same way as the figure. Angel, are you everywhere?

Mel Deerson and Briony Galligan’s collaborative practice includes drawing, performance, publications, lectures, workshops and installation. They are interested in the the slippery, alluring, ungraspable nature of gay icons like the rainbow, and more recently angels as ciphers for questions about bodies, souls and desire

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Images: ‘After Tsarouchis - Angel boots’ and ‘After Tsarouchis - Military Police arresting Eros’. Briony Galligan and Mel Deerson. 2022.